DESU 100 About the Tempation to Destroy a Robot

Would we destroy a robot if given the opportunity?
What do we feel?
Who is guilty for the destruction of the robot?

Based on the assumption that humans are tempted to destroy, the question “Are humans tempted to destroy robots?” was posed.

To explore this question an interactive installation was developed, consisting of a robot (DESU 100) and a button.
If a visitor of the installation presses the button, DESU 100 is forced to hit itself, which will eventually cause its death.

More detail in the paper “DESU 100 – About the Temptation to Destroy a Robot” published at TEI_2012. Download Pdf


Talk at TEI_2012 (starting at 30:00)

One Response to Concept

  1. Robot says:

    Is this the answer to the question why humans destruct themselves?

    Somebody pushed a button?

    A robot?




    Interesting project, thanks!

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